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Tuotekuva: Hevoset - Horses -pelikortit9309  
Hevoset - Horses -pelikortit
Artwork by Giorgio Tubaro
Koko: 58x88 mm

The horse is a symbol of intelligence and freedom, of Eros and adventure. It is maintained that the progenitors of these extraordinary animals are the Hyracotherium in Europe and the Eohippus in North America. From them came the breeds that we know today, the more famous of which are illustrated in this deck.
Kpl: 54

9.80 €

Tuotekuva: Kissat - Cats -pelikortit9325  
Kissat - Cats -pelikortit
Artwork by Angelo Giannini
Koko: 58x88 mm

Natures masterpiece, as defined by the great scientist Leonardo da Vinci, is the cat. This deck, elegantly designed by Angelo Giannini who depicted the breeds and poses, is dedicated to the cat.
Kpl: 54

9.80 €

Tuotekuva: Merenneidot - Mermaids -pelikortit9322  
Merenneidot - Mermaids -pelikortit
Artwork by Mauro De Luca
Koko: 58x88 mm

Dreamt about, portrayed and even searched for by adventurers of every age, the Sirens confirm their ancient appeal. The illustrations of Mauro De Luca show us the seductive marine creatures that poets, philosophers, painters and film makers have dreamt about.
Kpl: 54

9.80 €

Tuotekuva: The Fairy People - Keijut -pelikortit9305  
The Fairy People - Keijut -pelikortit
Artwork by Antonio Lupatelli
Koko: 58x88 mm

Through the wonderful images drawn by Antonio Lupatelli, taken from the famous book of the 19th century Fairy Tales,we enter the magic world of fairies, spirit creatures that bring the forests alive with their jokes and their euphoria. Sly and disrespectful, they organize pranks and tricks in the woods where they live with their Emperor, whom they pretend to obey.

9.80 €

Tuotekuva: Ancient Egypt - Muinainen Egypti -pelikortit9310  
Ancient Egypt - Muinainen Egypti -pelikortit
Artwork by Silvana Alasia
Koko: 58x88 mm

The mysterious fascination of Ancient Egypt has pervaded western culture for centuries, which seems to search for it\\\'s own roots in the people of the Great River. Archeological discoveries renewed interest in this fascinating civilization, as this deck, beautifully illustrated by Silvana Alasia demonstrates.
Kpl: 54

9.80 €

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