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Vanhat kirjat: The Book of Divine Magic

Kirjan nimi: The Book of Divine Magic
Tekijä: Aivanhov Omraam Mikhael
Kustantaja: Prosveta
Sivumäärä: 208
Kieli: Englanti  Englanti
Ilmestymisvuosi: 1989
Hinta: 8.00 €
Sidosasu: Nidottu

Sisällön kuvaus:
'True magic, divine magic, lies in using all one's faculties, all one's knowledge, toward realizing the Kingdom of God on earth. Very few magi have reached the high level where the only ideal is to work in the Light for the Light. Those who manage to do so are the true benefactors of humanity.'

Table of contents

1. The Danger of the Current Revival of Magic
2. The Magic Circle of the Aura
3. The Magic Wand
4. The Magic Word
5. Talismans
6. Is Thirteen an Unlucky Number
7. The Moon
8. Working with Nature Spirits
9. Flowers and Perfumes
10. We All Work Magic
11. The Three Great Laws of Magic
12. The Hand
13. The Power of a Glance
14. The Magical Power of Trust
15. Love, the Only True Magic
16. Never Look for Revenge
17. The Exorcism and Consecration of Objects
18. Protect Your Dwelling Place

The French philosopher and spiritual Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (1900-1986) was born in Bulgaria. In 1937 he emigranted to France, where he lived and thought for almoust fifty years, until his death.

One of the most striking aspects of the Master's teaching is the great variety of ways in which he presents the one central theme of man and his growth in perfection. Whatever the question under discussion, he invariably deals with it in terms of how we can better conduct our lives.

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