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Uudet kirjat: A Million Ways to Love Yoga

Kirjan nimi: A Million Ways to Love Yoga
Tekijä: Palva Tiina

Sivumäärä: 140
Ilmestymisvuosi: 2014
ISBN: 9789529346387
Hinta: 25.00 €  TARJOUS
Koko (leveys * korkeus mm): 240 mm x 210 mm x 13
Sidosasu: Nidottu
Huomautuksia: Damen Sofia (valokuvaaja)

Sisällön kuvaus:
This book is different from the other yoga books out there, for inside you will not find instructions, but a whole lot of inspiration. You will also find encouragement to think for yourself, think about what you need in your life, what your true passions are and what you need to feel balance in life. Yoga is a powerful tool in the process of self-discovery. The message of the book is clear: learn who you are, and become happy and healthy. Yoga is full of miracles, and before you try it, you have no idea of how it will change your life.

A Million Ways to Love Yoga reveals 16 compelling stories of devoted yoga practitioners, their various lifestyles, deepest experiences and top tips for you to learn from. Several yoga genres are presented in this book to help new yoga practitioners find their unique way to yoga. So, whether you have already discovered the joy of yoga or still need some persuasion and guidance to find your path, the book A Million Ways to Love Yoga is for you.

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