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Vanhat kirjat: Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions

Kirjan nimi: Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions
Tekijä: Doane Thomas William

Sivumäärä: 589
Kieli: Englanti  Englanti
Ilmestymisvuosi: 1985
Hinta: 25.00 €
Sidosasu: Nidottu
Kunto: Kierrekannet
Huomautuksia: Publisher: Health Research.Reprinted 1948.Spiral-bound.

Sisällön kuvaus:
Bible myths and their parallels in other religions : being a comparison of the Old and New Testament myths and miracles with those of heathen nations of antiquity, considering also their origin and meaning"

THE idea of publishing the work here presented did not sug
gest itself until a large portion of the material it contains had
been accumulated for the private use and personal gratification of
the author. In pursuing the study of the Bible Myths, facts per
taining thereto, in a condensed form, seemed to be greatly needed,
and nowhere to be found. Widely scattered through hundreds of
ancient and modern volumes, most of the contents of this book
may indeed be found ; but any previous attempt to trace exclusively
the myths and legends of the Old and New Testament to their
origin, published as a separate work, is not known to the writer
of this. Many able writers have shown our so-called Sacred Scrip
tures to be unhistorical, and have pronounced them largely legend
ary, but have there left the matter, evidently aware of the great
extent of the subject lying beyond. As Thomas Scott remarks,
in his English Life of Jesus : "How these narratives (i. e., the
New Testament narratives), unhistorical as they have been shown
to be, came into existence, it is not our business to explain ; and
once again, at the end of the task, as at the beginning and
throughout, we must emphatically disclaim the obligation." To
pursue the subject from the point at which it is abandoned by
this and many other distinguished writers, has been the labor of
the author of this volume for a number of years.

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