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Vanhat kirjat: Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge

Kirjan nimi: Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge
Alaotsikko: the Mystical World of the Q'Ero Indians
Tekijä: Wilcox Joan Parisi
Kustantaja: Element Books
Sivumäärä: 314
Kieli: Englanti  Englanti
Ilmestymisvuosi: 1999
ISBN: 1862044929
Hinta: 23.00 €
Sidosasu: Sidottu

Sisällön kuvaus:
The Celestine Prophecy -- James Redfield's international bestseller -- is a fictional account of Peruvian mysticism and spiritual awakening. Now, for the first time, the most respected shamans of Peru share their mystical practices with the world.
Joan Parisi Wilcox has trained for over five years with the Q'ero Indians, mystics of the south-central Andes region who are regarded as the "keepers of the ancient knowledge." In 1997 she was initiated as a fourth-level Andean "priest" -- the highest level of the mystical hierarchy.

This unique book is the first to present a factual overview of Andean mysticism. Wilcox, through her training and immersion into the practices of the Q'ero, is the first and only person to record the knowledge of the Andean mystic tradition, as told to her in personal interviews.

Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge is divided into three parts:

Part I - The Kawsay Pacha: The World Of Living Energy

This section is a comprehensive overview of the kawsay pacha, the world of living energy, and the nature spirits and mystical tools through which Andean mystics access this multidimensional world of living energy. In a simple, yet authoritative way, the author provides the information and terminology necessary to understand Peruvian mysticism.

Part II - Interviews With the Q'ero Mystics

In their own words hear the Q'ero masters recount their arduous initiations and provide intimate details of their energy and healing work. These remarkable chapters provide -- for the first time in English -- the only means to learn directly from the most respected shamans of Peru.

Part III - Putting Andean Shamanic Practices to Work in Your Life

The author provides numerous exercises designed to launch readers on their own journey along the sacred path. Many of these exercises will be new even to those already familiar with Andean mysticism, because they have never been taught outside of Peru. And all of the exercises are simple enough that any reader can quickly and easily put them into practice.

Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge is the perfect opportunity for newcomers to Andean mysticism to learn directly from Peruvian mystics, as well as for initiates to add to their level of knowledge.

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